Grandma Fran works hard for ME

Helping hands joining to "bridge" needs in times of hardship

El Puente, meaning "The Bridge" in Spanish, is a small, privately funded, "operating" (IRS 501-C3) non-profit charitable organization. It's goal and mission is to periodically provide benefits in the form of subsidies, goods, and/or services to qualifying low income applicants to "bridge" the gap of current serious hardships they have encountered during the course of their life. A "bridge", roughly defined, is a tool over which one crosses an obstacle or barrier. It does not complete the path, nor carry the traveler directly, but only aids in the travelers' general course and direction.

The staff and management of El Puente want to emphasize that it takes many strong personal components to help get to life's goals. Each of these components must be exercised EVERY day in order to successfully reach these goals. The list of necessary components are: 1) hard work, 2) sacrifice of non-essentials, 3) fortitude, 4) courage, 5) commitment, 6) good judgment, 7) discipline, and 8) compassion for others in similar circumstances.
We intend to provide OUR part of these components. It is therefore expected of those receiving benefits to exercise THEIR part of these components to help reach their goals, however grand or miniscule the goals may be. Progress in any undertaking, like any path, takes time, and is done one step at a time. Over time, 1) progress is measured, 2) courses and goals re-evaluated, and 3) new directions are plotted. El Puente Foundation helps during the above three activities, and builds bridges where deemed necessary.

The "bridge" in general and foundation terms, is only used as a GUIDE and a TOOL, a means of traversal over an obstacle. One is gratefully glad it was built over a rough part of the journey. But, once the bridge has been crossed, the travelers must look ahead and guide themselves through the paths that unfold before them. Benefit recipients and their families must therefore strive to make the necessary sacrificies and put forth the needed effort to reach their desired destination.