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El Puente Foundation is a small "operating" [IRS 501(C)(3)] type non-profit foundation. As an "operating" foundation, it does not donate money directly to the hands of benefit recipients or other non-profit agencies/ organizations. It assesses needs independently and determines benefit dispersement methodology according to the foundation's organizational policy. As a community benefit organization, it does it's best to ascertain those most in need of temporary aid, coupled with their willingness to help themselves. Although on a smaller scale, it can be compared to other non-profit organizations to which contributors donate funds. Cash donations are then converted to benefits received on behalf of the recipients and the limited expenses of running the program.

These benefits could be in the form of many types of goods, services, subsidies, or other aid as deemed necessary by the staff. A non-exclusive list of potential benefits may be:

1. Payments for licensed daycare for dependent children.

2. Medical insurance premiums, deductibles, and co-pay amounts for families.

3. Medical payments to providers beyond coverage limits of medical plans.

4. Medical supplies and/or therapies for special needs, chronically ill, or disabled individuals.

5. Transportation expenses for work related commuting.

6. Computers, software, and Internet connectivity when used for educational purposes.

7. Rent and/or rental deposit subsidies.

8. Certain non-scholarship job-related educational needs.

9. Pay-downs of QUALIFIED, HIGH interest rate debt that keeps recipients in a persistent debt "rut".

10. Utility bill payments.

12. Repair bills for vehicles used for work/commuting purposes.

13. Drug treatment or other rehabilitational program subsidies.

14. Family/marriage counseling and/or therapy by licensed providers.

The guidelines for benefits are open in the sense that they must enable the recipient to get out of a financially or medically imposed problem, and allow them to return to a more self-sustaining productive life. Of course, recipients must work toward this goal with the thought that benefits are not forever to be relied upon. Remember, we are just "bridging" a gap caused by hardship in a recipients' life situation. Depending upon the type and length of a given benefit, reviews of "on-going" benefits will occur. Follow-on benefits are possible, depending upon individual progress. Benefit types are generally "one-time" or "ongoing", which are self-explanatory. An "ongoing" benefit example would be a 4 month rental subsidy. A "one-time" benefit would be a payment made to fix a vehicle used as a recipient's only mode of transportation to work. One-time benefit recipients will need to re-apply for further follow-on benefits. A review and an evaluation takes place to determine if further benefits or another type of benefit may apply.

Federal Taxpayer ID: 77-0557020

email: staff@elpuentefoundation.com

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