Lifestyle Changes


Patience, organization, surrendering old habits.

Thinking about your situation

Most likely you didn't get to where you are overnight, nor is it going to be solved overnight. Slow steady progress in eliminating hardship is a key goal. Any benefits you received will not be a magic pill to make life get markedly better in a short time. So, use the benefits and TIME wisely as you may be contacted again asking about your situation. Making progress and attaining a goal is a great motivator to keep you climbing that hill of life.

The staff salutes you for TRYING YOUR BEST and NOT GIVING UP!

The staff of El Puente Foundation hopes you have found some of this website useful. It's only a small part of a larger overall program that YOU yourself can help manage to attain a sense of self-esteem in reaching toward realistic and attainable goals. We suggest you look toward supportive members of your family, the clergy, local programs available in your local area for no or low fees, and anything else you may be able to get via a "self-help network" of people. Get out there and talk to people! Don't be afraid to ask questions and get pointers. Use the Internet now that computers are becoming cheaper. Don't have one? ASK for one from the foundation as a start. The Internet is a POWERFUL tool for both searching, finding resources, and above all, LEARNING!

Other useful web resources:

Click to see -> http://www.benefitscheckup.ort - Other grant making programs that you may qualify for if your needs are beyond our scope or qualification criteria

Click to see -> - Domestic Violence Help

Click to see -> - Domestic Violence Help

Click to see -> - Search engine for finding resources by zip code and subject matter such as "95122, homeless", "85014, medical", etc. Hosted by KOIT radio in San Francisco.

Click to see - > - Global web site sponsored by Cisco, AOL, and Yahoo!. Allows non-profit organizations to effectively and efficiently reach the vast resources and audience on the Internet. Makes giving, volunteering, and speaking out on humanitarian issues as easy as shopping or getting e-mail.