El Puente Foundation depends on the generosity of individuals in the community, like you, to provide items and support services for people in need and much less fortunate than most folks. Yes, we know you have reservations about where the money is really going. There is very little overhead, and the staff is made up of philanthropic volunteers that take no salaries and work full or part time at their main livelihood. We operate on a shoestring budget to keep our own goals and aspirations in check. There are no fancy offices with well manicured plants, prize-winning art on the walls, and cushy furniture. We use lots of technology and online web collaboration to communicate in our "virtual office".

We are affiliated  with "Giveline" however, and lots of really cool products that you can buy and use will actually contribute a portion of the proceeds to El Puente. That way, everyone benefits, and you have a new gadget, book, CD, or other item to use in your spare time, what there is of it these days. Below are some buttons and links that will get you directly to Giveline, with El Puente as the receiver of a percentage, until our busy staff sets up a separate direct donation button and Visa / PayPal links that will print tax receipts for you.

Giveline referral site link:

You can also click the button below to get to Giveline's reference for El Puente Foundation


El Puente donations are fully tax deductible under charitable organization IRS rule 501(c)3. Our federal tax payer ID is: 77-0557020


Making Financial Donations

El Puente Foundation (EPF) is also happy to accept financial donations. All financial donastions assist in providing benefits for those in need, with little to no overhead.

For more information on donating to EPF, feel free to e-mail us at