Lifestyle Changes


Lifestyle Recognition and Changes are Imporant

In order to change and improve your life, there are a few things that must be considered

-- Accept that which has already happened in your life.

-- Reduce the amount of responsibilities and commitments you have to functions outside your goals.

-- Don't waste time, energy, or money on frivolous items or actions.

-- Take small steps before big leaps.

-- Don't gamble your future on get-rich-quick schemes. They are largely a fraud that preys on the unsuspecting or naive, pure and simple. Fraudsters make everything look "easy"... Well, if it's so "easy" then why aren't THEY doing it instead of running whatever service they sell..... If it's too good to be true, it ISN'T true...

-- Avoid people that are forever stuck in "Feel sorry for me" mode, going on for YEARS at a time. Don't allow that temporary sadness to be your CRUTCH in life. Avoid becoming someone who is sullen that life has dealt them a hard hand. Believe it or not, there ARE people who ARE WORSE OFF than you, but don't complain much about it.

-- MONITOR yourself often, even 3 to 4 times a day..... Ask yourself, "Is what I'm doing RIGHT NOW helping achieve my goals? If the answer is "No, not really", then stop that activity. It takes practice.... Old habits are hard to break.

-- Start a buget, and stick to it... If you are financially drowning, you need to know how it came about, how to organize it and recognize how to bail out, and how to log and monitor your income and outflows. It could be as simple as a single sheet of paper showing how much is spent for basics, and how much is spent for "credit servicing" or loans.

So, if you watch 4 hours of TV a day when you should be practicing a skill or studying for a test, turn the TV off, or better yet, SELL the TV and use the cash wisely..... Ya, it'll hurt initially, but it will help later.... Television is the bane of making decent progress.